Funny Face (Audrey Hepburn)

These are old photoshoots with my Audrey Hepburn…. Thanks to k2m1too for these great poses. Click the photos for clearer view.

Sims 3 Editorials: The “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Look 

—-Since we never have winter in here :( …


Sims 3 Fan Art: The Princess Diaries

Reblog if you love the movie and you love Sims 3!

My early sims Fan Art back on year 2011

WOw! this simblr is old…. BTW…Miss you guys!…. I’m still working busy on some real life stuff and I really missed you all… Thanks to those who follow this blog recently though i’m quite inactive in the meantime.


My Tumblr Crushes:circasim

Reblogging this because this is rare…. HAHA!! 


My Tumblr Crushes:
  1. circasim
  2. missfortunesims
  3. onelama
  4. kurasoberina
  5. noiranddarksims
  6. taty86
  7. lightsxxx
  8. thesims3journal
  9. gameofthronesitaly

Reblogging this because this is rare…. HAHA!! 


Sims 3 Editorials : Anne Hathaway in Black & White


yeh,she’s back again….

Greetings to those who are awake at this moment!

hey! I love your playlist c: it makes me happy

Thank you!!! THis message makes me happy! :”D

Sims 3 Editorials: The Broke

…the funny story behind this picture and this look is that I clicked the randomized clothing button and it generated unto this combination. Well I guess it’s time for me to show you more of my skin.

Sims 3 Editorials: The “This Denim Jacket so Heavy” Look 

Since I can’t wear denim jackets on a tropical country, I’ll just find a way. 


A new pose pack.  Full of romance.  Actually the first three could be used for best friends.  If you use them please tag me so I can see your lovely photos.

3 of these were requested by riannadyn.  Hope you like them dear. 

Download Pose Pack Here

Many thanks to…
thesims3journal : Black Widow and Captain America sims.
BEO Creations  : wedding dress, bouquet, and flower on hair.
sunnyanubis : PeggyHair0901 retexture

I’m glad you’ve used them as models on this great pose pack!

 Sims 3 Editorials: The “I’ll tie it on my Waist since 90’s the best” look 

spoiled in my drafts so I think its time to post this…

Thanks for the sims lookbooks who dressed up my avatar… 

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