Sims 3 Editorials : Anne Hathaway in Black & White


yeh,she’s back again….

Greetings to those who are awake at this moment!

hey! I love your playlist c: it makes me happy

Thank you!!! THis message makes me happy! :”D

Sims 3 Editorials: The Broke

…the funny story behind this picture and this look is that I clicked the randomized clothing button and it generated unto this combination. Well I guess it’s time for me to show you more of my skin.


Sims 3 Editorials: Taylor Swift (at Rose Garden)

HAHA!!! I have nothing to post so i’ll just reblog this photoset of my girl…… I’m too busy but then still ALIVE! MISS YOU ALL! 

Sims 3 Editorials: The “This Denim Jacket so Heavy” Look 

Since I can’t wear denim jackets on a tropical country, I’ll just find a way. 


A new pose pack.  Full of romance.  Actually the first three could be used for best friends.  If you use them please tag me so I can see your lovely photos.

3 of these were requested by riannadyn.  Hope you like them dear. 

Download Pose Pack Here

Many thanks to…
thesims3journal : Black Widow and Captain America sims.
BEO Creations  : wedding dress, bouquet, and flower on hair.
sunnyanubis : PeggyHair0901 retexture

I’m glad you’ve used them as models on this great pose pack!

 Sims 3 Editorials: The “I’ll tie it on my Waist since 90’s the best” look 

spoiled in my drafts so I think its time to post this…

Thanks for the sims lookbooks who dressed up my avatar… 

I love your avengers photos */\* I am such a big fan of the movie and the actors, lol I like weirdly miss them after watching the avengers so thank u for showcasing the photos cause I love them all ;-; I'm excited for upcoming movies Hehe you should make Loki cause I love tom hiddleston as well keep up the great editing and amazing skill ^^

Thank you meowheartsims! I’m also so excited for the another upcoming avengers movie. I just have to excuse Loki on that fan art though. HAHA!

WOW your sims are on a whole new level of awesomeness!!! congrats on your amazing skills and thanks for sharing them with us! (ノ♥‿♥)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Thank You! I’m not expecting of any appreciations at this moment so this message just made my day. :)


In case you haven’t checked your Origin yet…. Sims 4 CAS Demo is up for all! click here —>

In case you haven’t checked your Origin yet…. Sims 4 CAS Demo is up for all! click here —>

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